Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Where is spring

Where is spring?? I am so tired of being stuck in this house with these people (I love my family, really). My biggest pet peeve with winter is that it seems like we are sick from the first snowfall until we can open the windows again. For example just this winter we have had innumerable colds, stomach flu twice, I have had three, yes three ear infections and now my little Dallin has pneumonia for the second time in three months.

Can you order a bone marrow transplant from Amazon? I wonder how much that would cost.

In spring, summer and fall we are outside all the time. We go on bike rides, hike, camp, barbecue,and play in the park, essentially, we live outside. And although we are annoyed by seasonal allergies, we just keep going.

Maybe I could build a bio dome around our house, hmm. I wonder what the monthly utilities would be on that.

Anyways, I have become a weather network stalker. I check the forecast about 18 times a day. When the long range forecast shows a warming trend I am as happy as can be but if the temperature tanks so does my patience and mood.

Maybe I can be adopted by a lonely rich childless couple who have a house in the Bahamas, hmm. I wonder if E-Harmony has a section for that.

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Kim Hughes said...

Would you settle for being adopted by your younger, single-child sister who lives in New York? It's only raining here.