Monday, March 23, 2009

Our saving grace

Any one who knows me has heard me say that my beautiful daughter is dragging us kicking and screaming to the celestial kingdom. She is the one who has made FHE an every Monday occurrence instead of when ever I remember kind of thing. She is the one who made us start having daily family scripture study again. She has even been known to sing primary songs at the top of her lungs to deter bullying at school.

We are now known as the Crazy Christians around Kameyosek Elementary.

Anyhoo, I now have a new story to further illustrate the righteousness that is Megan. Today Megan wasn't feeling great so she stayed home from school. I was feeling awful also and really needed to sleep so I told Megan that she could essentially do what she wanted this morning. Movies, TV, wii, snacks, nothing was off the table. An hour and a half later I woke up and went to check on her. My wild child was watching a Book of Mormon Stories movie while writing in her journal.

Where did this child come from?

She was obviously sent to our family to call us to repentance. Which she does, every day.


Alyson said...

so were mine.

Kim Hughes said...

Henry's still just kicking and screaming.