Friday, September 29, 2006

Boys Will Be Boys

For all those who belive that gender is learned behavior and not genetic i would like you to meet my son, Monkey Boy. My son, from the time he was a fetus, was all male. He likes to run and jump all the time, he loves mighty machines, and last night he started displaying the typical tendencies of older males. While my husband was watching t.v my son came in and sat down next to him. On the screen was a beautiful skinny girl wearing a bikini. Monkey boy looks up and says "that girl (pause for effect) is smart!"

What is with boys????

I wish I were smart.

By the way Monkey boy turns 3 next week.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

I don't know what it is but when you do something new, something spontaneous, it's always more fun when you od it with someone watching. Riding a new bike, better when youyr friends are watching. Getting your ears pierced, better when your friernds are doing it with you. Getting your first kiss, better when you tell every one of your friends about his slobbery lips.

This is Missy's new blog and two of her friends (myself and A) are here to watch and witness the deflowering of Missy.

How many times does one have to listen to someone say"you need a blog. Do you want a blog? Get a blog!" befor you succumb to peer presure. I lasted about a month. So here i am with my very own blog, get ready world here i come.