Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I have a love/hate relationship with February. I love it because I can see spring coming. The days are getting longer and the sun is getting higher in the sky. I look at the calender and I know that in 4 or 5 short weeks much of the snow will be gone and the temperature most days will be above zero. I tell myself that 4 weeks flies by and that before I know it spring will be here. And then it snows. and the temperature drops to -18 and my kids leave their mitts and hats and snow pants and boots strewn all over the place and I am back to hating February. It is the shortest month of the year but boy does it feel like the longest.

My daughter gets mad at me when I talk about spring. She loves winter. She loves hockey, and skating, and sledding, she's crazy! Doesn't she get that its cold outside? That in spring we can ride bikes, barbecue, and stay outside without 10lbs of extra outerwear?

My son gets it. He told me during the last cold snap that we should stop going to school until the snow was gone. That kid is a genius! I wonder if I could home school just from Nov. to March? Dang, that would mean no school Christmas concert. Its just not Christmas unless a kid in grade one falls off the stage.

Oh well, spring is only a month away. Maybe I can hibernate till then.

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Kim Hughes said...

umm, where are you...I want more!!