Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Are families really that important?

It has been a stressful time for our family. my parents are not doing well and my sisters and i have been trying to find a time and a solution to help them.

Let's get rrready to rrrumble!!

we all have different ideas about what they should do and how soon the plan should be put into action. My younger sister wants to take away all financial control from them and have us (her) make all of their decisions. My youngest sister wants them to sell there house yesterday and move to a tiny community away from their doctors and everyone they know because living expenses are cheaper.

I find this frustrating. My parents, although in poor health and precarious finances, are grownups. they have hearts and minds and feelings. I seem to say over and over that they need to make these important decisions for them selves and that we need to help them in a way that will allow them to maintain there dignity and self respect.

These are not issues that are going to be solved overnight. These are not issues that have a permanent solution. Explaining this to my twenty something sisters seems to be a challenge.

Wish me luck. in our aging society this issue will affect everyone eventually, I just didn't expect it to affect me when my parents were in their mid 50's. Suggestions are welcome

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Alyson said...

It ended up not really being that bad. I just can't wait till we are done.